The Art of Figure Drawing - Charles H. Weigall
The Practice and Science of Drawing - Harold Speed
Living Anatomy - Burns and Colenso
Drawings of Rossetti - T. Martin Wood
Constructive Anatomy - George B. Bridgman
The Art of Illustration - Edmund J. Sullivan
Light and Shade - Anson K. Cross
Studies of the Human Figure - G. M. Ellwood
Practical Art Anatomy - Edwin George Lutz
The Book Of A Hundred Hands - George B. Bridgman
The Art of Sketching - Gustave Fraipont
Figure Drawing and Composition - Richard G. Hatton
Sketching and Rendering in Pencil - Arthur Leighton Guptill
A Guide to Figure Drawing - George Edgar Hicks
The Human Figure - John H. Vanderpoel
Creative Illustration - Andrew Loomis
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